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Prior Approval of Funding

A “prior approval” is normally defined as a request for a patient to receive routine treatment outside of local services or established contractual arrangements. Such a request will normally fall within one of the following categories;

  • Second opinion
  • Lack of local/commissioned service provision/expertise
  • Clinical continuity of care (considered on a case by case basis)
  • Transfer back to the NHS following self-funding in the private sector
  • Re-referral following a previous tertiary referral
  • Students
  • Veterans
The Prior Approval policy sets out to deliver the national context and provide clarity for referring clinicians and patients. However, additional policy processes outlining specific commissioning, contractual and additional prior approval requirements may also be in place and will vary across each Health Board.
Welsh Health Specialised Services (WHSSC) has a number of commissioning policies in place relating to specific services/treatment. 

If you have any questions about making a patient funding request please contact the WHSSC Patient Care Team on 01443 443443 ext.78123 or use through our NHS Wales or NHS Secure emails accounts