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2017/18 Disclosure Log

The disclosure log contains a list of the requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and not available through the publication scheme, that we have received, listed by year and month. For each request shown we have withheld the details of the original applicant and there may be cases where we have also removed the personal details of third parties and withheld information exempted or excepted according to the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations.


Please note that prior to September 2015 all WHSSC freedom of information requests were processed by Cwm Taf University Heath Board.

Reference Request and Response Additional Attachments
FOI17-04-001 Eating Disorder Figures  
FOI17-04-002 MH English Placements  

Gender Identity Services

FOI17-04-004 Bariatric Procedures  
FOI17-04-005 PET IPFRs  
FOI17-05-006 Gender Dysphoria in children and adolescents  
FOI17-05-007 Facial Palsy Treatments  
FOI17-06-009 Funding for Transgender Patients  
FOI17-07-010 Renal Dialysis Contract  
FOI17-07-011 Proton Beam Therapy  
FOI17-07-012 IVF Treatment  
FOI17-08-014 PBT Referrals  
FOI17-08-015 Keratoconus  
FOI17-09-016 BRCA Tests  
FOI17-10-017 Staff Salary  
FOI17-10-018 Neurosurgery  
FOI17-10-019 Infections Following Surgery  
FOI17-10-020 Cardiac Referrals  
FOI17-11-021 IVF Treatment  
FOI17-11-022 Andrology Service  
FOI17-12-023 Lipoedema Treatment  
FOI17-12-024 Gender Affirmation Surgery  
FOI18-01-026 Perinatal Mental Health  
FOI18-01-027 NETs