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2022/2023 Meeting Papers

Month Venue Joint Committee Approved Minutes Joint Committee Combined Papers Agenda Cymraeg Briefing Papers 
April 2022          
May 2022 Virtual Teams  Minutes Agenda Bundle  Agenda Cymraeg Briefing 
June 2022          
July 2022   Minutes Agenda Bundle Agenda Cymraeg Briefing
August 2022          
September 2022   Minutes

Agenda Bundle 1

Agenda Bundle 2

Agenda Bundle 3

Agenda Bundle 4

Agenda Bundle

Bone Conductive Hearing Implant and Cochlear Consultation

Agenda Cymraeg Briefing
October 2022          
November 2022     Agenda Bundle Agenda Cymraeg  
December 2022          
January 2023    

JC Extraordinary 

Meeting 10.01.23


JC Agenda Bundle 17.01.23

Agenda Cymraeg


Agenda Cymraeg

February 2023          
March 2023