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What we do

The Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) plans, secures and monitors the quality of a range of Specialised Services, the commissioning of which is managed by the Programme Commissioning Teams.

Every year, WHSSC receives money from the Health Boards to pay for specialised healthcare for everyone who lives in Wales and is entitled to NHS care. Our job is to get the best value for this money by spending it wisely on your behalf.   Demand for healthcare is growing. New and often expensive treatments are becoming available almost every week. However, we only have a set amount of money to spend and so very difficult decisions sometimes have to be made.

The Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) is responsible for the joint planning of Specialised and Tertiary Services on behalf of Local Health Boards in Wales. When treatments are not routinely available, patients who might get particular benefit can still access the treatment through a process called Individual Patient Funding Requests (IPFR).